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Then Sings My Soul  (2009)

        W E L C O M E  A B O U T G A L L E R Y  S H O W S  C O N T A C T  s t u d i o    S H U A  -  F i l m s



Then Sings My Soul  (2009)

Video Series & Installation

Bel Air Pres - Los Angeles, CA


Opening:  March 1, 2009

Closing:    April 26, 2009

This video series and installation featured ten segments

of dialogue about the Psalms and original: paintings,

photography, music, and short films.  Each element was

created in response to the the themes found in one of ten

Psalms.  The series features the work of over 100 artists.

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Bel Air Pres

16221 Mulholland Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90049

(818) 788-4200